Importing from Asia - what for?

These days, the question is not whether we should we import from Asia or not, but finding a supplier that will make a difference, that will help our company grow and prosper. While for some busines owners, importing from Chinese suppliers is a matter of survival, for others, it represents an opportunity to concentrate on developing new markets with the addition of new products.

The NDL Group solution:

NDL Group Co., a China-based company located in Qingdao, works exclusively on long-term relations with its clientele that counts prestigious societies such as Volvo, Ikea, Audi, etc. For the past 13 years, NDL Group has had offices in Europe. And for the past 8 years, we’ve been present in Canada, especially in Ontario and Quebec. Our direct links with our Chinese partners are the key to your success and will help you make successful imports. We will be your eyes in China, and will act as your own local office in that country.

Our services

  • From product manufacturing - according to your specifications- to the supply of standard components.
  • Our numerous fields of intervention include: cast aluminum, stainless steel, copper, ductile, casting mold, closed moulds, forging, stamping, laser cutting, connection (jointing), bending, tubing, machining, textiles, plastics, injection, thermo-molding, rotational molding, electronics, wood, hardware, and many more. Just ask.
  • Quality control and respect of specifications. All are included in a built-in chain, from the extraction of the basic material to your plant. A representative and an engineer will ensure the follow-up in Canada.
  • Sourcing in other emerging Asian countries, in case of need.
  • Volume adapted to small businesses, stock available, short development and production delays possible.

Sylvain Dionne
Industrial Engineer and NDL representative
P: (418) 998-3156 | F: (418) 625-2266